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"In Brooklyn, babies are flocking to Sign-a-Song classes..." -- The New York Post, March 18, 2003.

We all naturally sign with our babies -- we wave, we point, we clap our hands.  Imagine taking it a step further -- adding American Sign Language.  There are endless possibilities.  Infants and preverbal toddlers can let you know when they are tired or hungry.  They can indicate they prefer milk or a cracker.  Early exposure to American Sign Language is a fun way to build communication, alleviate frustration, and encourage further language development.  At Sign-a-Song babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and their caregivers learn sign language through original finger-moving songs, stories, and activities.  And best of all, we bring our baby sign language classes to you!


About Us

Andrea Fixell - Founder/Director.  In 1991 Andrea received her Masters degree from Teachers College, Columbia University in Deaf Education. Since then she has taught in both public and private school settings.  In 2001 Andrea, then a new mother, founded Sign-a-Song for friends and their babies.  Fifteen years later, Sign-a-Song continues to grow, sharing the joy of signing and music with an ever expanding audience, both young and old.

Greg Barresi - Songwriter/Composer.  Greg began playing guitar at six years old and hasn't stopped yet.  In 2006 Greg received a BA in Theatre Arts from SUNY New Paltz.  Since then, he has been working as both an actor and musician.  He has worked extensively with the Vital Children's Theatre performing in the musicals "Pinkalicious" and "The Bully," and has taught workshops in creative movement, storytelling, and music.


Private Home Based Classes

Invite friends to your home or recreational space, and we'll do the rest.  Ask us about hosting or joining one of our existing private baby sign language classes.  Email or call 646-752-9612 to learn more.

Looking for families to join your group?  We'll help get the word out.  No extra charge for twins.  Grownups FREE!

Classes are appropriate for ages 3 months to 3+ years.

Frequently asked questions


How old should my child be to attend Sign-a-Song?

As with speaking, there is no need to wait to start signing with your child.  At Sign-a-Song children typically range in age from 3 months to 3 years.  The youngest babies are fascinated by the animation of the signs combined with the music, while at about 6 months and beyond, children begin to have the capability to retain and eventually produce the signs in class and at home.

Do you use American Sign Language at Sign-a-Song?

Yes, at Sign-a-Song only American Sign Language vocabulary is used.

Will signing interfere with my child's speech development?

Not at all.  Studies indicate that babies who sign develop a strong command of language and are motivated to speak.  The power of language is instilled early on, and the benefits of signing and learning a second language continue for years to come.

What will be taught at Sign-a-Song?

Each week we will focus on a theme that relates to the lives of young children (for example, food, animals, nighttime, and play).  Songs, stories, and activities that help clarify these themes will be highlighted.  Regular repetition will also be emphasized to reinforce the vocabulary from prior weeks.

What type of music do you sing at Sign-a-Song?

We place a tremendous effort in selecting and writing songs that appeal to both children and parents alike, from quiet folk songs to bopping rock and roll.

Do you offer a discount for twins?

Yes, for twins we do not apply the sibling rate.  Two for the price of one!

Contact Us

Interested in forming or joining a class? Drop us a line!

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